Alert With Illegal Operation

Dear visitor / Travelers / Trekkers

If you are planning visit to Nepal for any type of tours and trekking package with any trekking tours/travel agency, you need to know some certain things about Company before to book you’re trekking and tours Is the company has insured staff against accidents? Is the company an honest and genuine? Is the company government authorized? Are they financially secured is the company experience team? Is the company environmentally conscious with friendly? Some of the important thing you have to know about company which you are using service from them You may find some company running business without legal formalities of the government and also some of the company whose license have already has been expired but running business.

some trekking and tours operators abroad have been involved in directly operating trekking and tours.without the required government license and with paying the taxes similarly many individuals, freelancers have been found operated a trekking tours illegally by creating own personal website or contacting personally , those it has been found in tourism finally if you book your travel trip with unauthorized agency in Nepal or somewhere aboard , you will be some troubled and also you can have a lot of risks there is big risk that problems will be occur during of your time in Nepal . So that to protect yourself from these problems you are kindly request to check the company and some person before booking any travel trip if you are aware such thing you can make your trip memorable and more enjoyable in Nepal.

Nepal Royal Tourism Holiday is well known with government licensed holder with ethical trekking company in Nepal. For more information please visit our Legal documents:

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