Kathmandu Valley Day Tour

Day Tour- Kathmandu Valley


Kathmandu Valley Day Tour is probably the complete day trip in Kathmandu valley for exploring the city of Temple. This fascinating tour is designed to introduce some of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu Valley Day tour includes visiting of Soyambhunath aka “The Monkey Temple” where travelers can explore the Buddhist Stupas and can find a handful of monkeys playing around. From the top of the hill, one can sight the wonderful Kathmandu valley itself.
Pashupatinath, a pilgrimage site situated on the bank of Holy Bagmati River is a temple belongs to Lord Shiva and is it also a crematory place. Boudhanath stupa is next place to visit during Kathmandu Valley tour which offers to explore the wonderful Buddhist stupa and final must visit the place is Kathmandu Durbar square, a historical palace place and also where “KUMARI”- living goddess lives.

Duration: 3-4 hours tour
Entry fees:
Soyambunath- NRS. 200 (US$ 2)
Pashupatinath-NRS. 1000 (US$ 10)
Boudhanath- NRS. 200 (US$ 2)
Kathmandu Durbar Square: NRS 750 (US$ 8)
Hiring car or taxi is a better option.[


Buddhist stupa Boudnath, one of the oldest & the largest in the world, is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. Around the stupa built several churches and monasteries that can be visited during the day.Around the stupa located Boudanath quarter of Tibetan refugees. There are many active and full life of the monasteries, workshops, clinics Tibetan doctors. Optionally, you can visit the monastery in prayer, consult a famous Tibetan doctors and even make Tibetan massage Cunha .


The Old Palace Square (Durbar), the house-temple of the living virgin goddess Kumari. See the Goddess is considered a good sign and we will Pospeev to her appearance. The square itself was severely damaged during the earthquake in 2015, but its greatness is still present in the surviving churches, and in the folded side in ancient rocks, including the destroyed Kastamandap, the first buildings of Kathmandu. These days, just the process of construction of the temple begins again.  and  patan dubar squar  also same like kathmandu dubar squar which is  both are world heritage place we can get some old art and gallery

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